Opere 34

Computer Arts Image of the day: Opere 34 by D’Apostrophe

We catch up with Italian studio D’Apostrophe – design duo Donatello D’Angelo and Cosimo Damiano D’Aprile …

Computer Arts [CA]: Tell us about D’Apostrophe …
Donatello D’Angelo [DD]:
 We’re architects, by trade, so we have the mindset of a megalomaniac – in the sense that we want to design everything. This leads us to seek new worlds and fields of design. I’m mainly engaged in the visual and two-dimensional, while Cosimo develops three-dimensional objects and spaces. We like to say our work is aimed at the fourth dimension.

CA: How would describe the D’Apostrophe aesthetic?
 Our style is quite eclectic. What seems to characterise our path is a kind of tension – something that we would dare to call Fellini – a strange mixture of irony, beauty, monstrosity and melancholy. We are radicals, but not as much as we’d like – our clients always bring us back down to earth. We are visually omnivorous. We find inspiration from contemporary experimentation, but we like to get into the culture and style from the past. We’re fascinated by 50s design, as well as the Italian neorealist culture of the second world war and contemporary, Lusitanian, minimalist productions.

CA: Describe you designer-client relationship …
 To try and interpret a brief as best as we can, we try and empathise with the customer. We try to impose our vision politely, ironically and lyrically, to be playful and dreamlike. We strive to have fun during the creative process, and when we do, the result is definitely the most successful and communicative.